Custom Made & Built To Order Drum Smokers


Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to season my new drum before cooking?

We recommend you do! All that is needed is a quick rub down of the inside of the drum and cooking grates with a little vegetable oil, we just use a piece of kitchen roll to do this. Once rubbed, fire up your smoker as if you were going to cook, add some wood and let it run for an hour or 2 before adding any food. This will give the inside a nice coating and turn it a light bronze colour. Use this opportunity to have a play around with the temperature control. Try and maintain a temperature of 250F/120c as this will give the paint a 2nd cure and maximise the durability of the finish.

Do the drums come fully assembled?

If you are collecting your drum we can fully assemble it for you. If it is being shipped we will assemble everything apart from attaching the thermometer and the front plate as it will not fit in the box. We provide the allen key to fit these and takes around 2 minutes to do.

What is the turn around time?

We aim to get the smokers built and ready to ship within 3-5 days of ordering. This does depend on paint stock and obviously how busy we are. For up to date time scales just send us a message. 

Can I mix & match colours?

You can indeed! Just send us a message and we can discuss your needs.

I want a bespoke set up, can this be done?

Yes it can. If you require extra cooking racks or different placement on any fittings just add your items in the shop page. If you require something that isn't listed just let us know. You can get in touch with us here.

How heat resistant is the paint?

The paint we use is rated up to 650F/345c  so well in the safe zone for regular cooking how ever to prolong the finish of your smoker we don't recommend cooking over 300c to be on the safe side  . You do need to take care not to leave the lid off your smoker for a long period  of time when in use, as this can cause the temperature to raise dramatically and could end up overheating. Also be cautious when using as a grill, we don't recommend you FILL the basket with raging hot charcoal as this will a) burn your food and b) possibly damage the paint. Half full is plenty adequate for grilling. Bristol Drum Smokers does not accept any responsibly for misuse or cooking outside of the recommended temperatures  .


Do I need to keep the drum off the floor?

We like to keep ours on a couple of paving slabs just to keep it out of any water - one of the joys of cooking outdoors in the UK. It will be fine direct on a paved garden area, but definitely raise it on some slabs if using on a wooden decking area, in case of scorching. 

How do I clean my drum?

We recommend you using the BPS ash catcher and line the bottom of the drum with tin foil for easy cleaning. After many many uses you may wish to clean the inside of your drum. You can do this by heating it up, using a gentle degreaser and then washing off with a pressure washer. If you choose to do this you will need to re-season the drum.


We send our drums next day delivery via Fedex. Smaller items are sent via courier and will arrive within 2-3 days.

We are unable to send the large smokers to Scotland or NI via Fedex so please get in touch for a shipping quote of these areas. 

Bristol Drum Smokers will not accept responsibility for any injuries or damages incurred during the preparation, construction and/or use of the Bristol Drum Smoker and accessories. This includes but is not limited to: Physical Injury (i.e. cuts, scrapes, burns, loss of life, etc.) during construction or use of the smokers and accessories. 
Bristol Drum Smokers will not accept any responsibility for any damages to property incurred during either the preparation, construction and/or use of the smokers and accessories. This includes but is not limited to: Property damage i.e. Fire, burns, smoke, damage, damage to tools and utensils/accessories, etc. 
Bristol Drum Smokers encourages you to enjoy your smoker, but we also urge you to practice common sense and safety at all times. 


Bristol Drum Smokers warrants all working parts of your Drum smoker, excluding the Drum itself, 
against defects in materials and workmanship under normal residual use and maintenance for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase.
Bristol Drum Smokers will provide a replacement part for any part found by Bristol Drum Smokers to be defective and shall not be responsible for any re-assembly. Original part(s) approved for return by Bristol Drum Smokers must be returned prepaid by the customer. Customers should inspect the unit for any defects and immediately notify Bristol Drum Smokers of any apparent damage. This warranty does not include labour charges connected with the determination of replacement or defective parts, or delivery charges to ship these parts.
This warranty shall be void if the unit is not operated in accordance with the operation instructions and information provided on the website (, the unit is exposed to unreasonable or extreme weather conditions, the unit is re-sold or traded to another owner, components, accessories, or fuels not compatible with the unit have been used, the unit has been used in a commercial or food service application, or the user has abused or otherwise failed to maintain, cover, or properly store the unit depending on weather conditions. 
Whilst every care has been taken to ensure a high quality, long lasting, durable finish in the custom painting of its Smokers, Bristol Drum Smokers can not offer cover against deterioration of this in the warranty. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the smoker is covered and stored adequately to prolong the life of the paintwork. Bristol Drum Smokers advises that a cover alone cannot guarantee against the eventuality of deterioration. We recommend storing in a moisture free environment when not in use and not exceeding recommended temperatures when cooking. 
Bristol Drum Smokers provides no representation, warranty or promise relating to damages or defects in the unit which are the result of: (i) ordinary wear and tear; (ii) failure of the customer to provide normal maintenance or proper care of the unit; (iii) characteristics common to materials used; (iv) natural disaster; (v) loss; or (vi) injury caused in any way by natural elements, changes made to the unit by the customer, or any misuse, negligence, recklessness, or intentional act or acts of any person.