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Steel Heat Diffuser Plate


For use in Drum Smoker and 57cm WSM

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The Heat Diffuser Plate may be placed on the lower U-Bolts in the drum, and used to disperse the direct heat from the fire basket. This creates an indirect heat source. The benefits of using this technique include evenly distributed cooking temperature, giving you more consistency with your results. The laser cut holes still allow the juices from the food to hit the coals, giving you that unique extra layer of flavour. Perfect for both low & slow, and hot & fast cooking.

Top tip from Grillstock 2016 Grand Champion, Pricilla Queen of the Firepit; these diffusers can also achieve brilliant results used instead of a water pan in the 57cm Weber Smoky Mountain.

The plates are laser cut from 3mm thick steel.

No extra fittings necessary

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 54 × 6 × 54 cm


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