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Grillstock 2106

Grill Stock

Bristol Drum Smokers were lucky enough to join BBQ team Smokus Pocus at this years Grillstock Festival. It was a great event and we had some fantastic results. We got calls for 1st place chicken, 3rd place burger and 5th place overall. Massive thanks to Matt & Emily Deakin for letting us join them.

Grillstock Burger entry:

Grill Stock Burger

Me and Deaks getting them burgers ready for turn in:

Grillstock Burger hand in


The baked NY cheese cake with salted caramel and and candied pecans we cooked for the Chef’s Choice in the Bristol Drum Smoker:

Baked NY Cheese Cake

The Chicken Box that won Matt first place… Killer!

grillstock chicken box




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