Custom Made & Built To Order Drum Smokers

hot smoking

Step One

Start your smoker by loading up your charcoal basket using the minion method and add your chosen wood chunks.

minion basket

Step Two

Using the nest hook, lower the fire basket to the bottom set of U bolts in the drum. During this time you want to make sure the lower vents on the drum are fully open. 

Step Three

You can now put the cooking grate in place and close the lid making sure vent is fully open. Now would be the best time to set up your digital thermometer if you are using one.  

Step Four

Your smoker will now start coming up to temperature. Keep the lower vents open until you are around 50f away from your target temp, at this point you will need to close both lower vents down so they are only open 1 hole on each side. This will slow down the rise and stop the smoker from over shooting. You can make fine adjustments from here to dial in your desired cooking temperature. Opening the vents will make the temperature rise and visa versa.